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Kill of the Week

A new Monday dawns and we have last week to reflect back on.

Starting with the kills :

30 to choose from this week, although half of those are POS modules after an impromptu burning.

I think the undisputed winner is this Navy mega. Congrats to the boys for this one. The kill itself is fun enough, but the subsequent bile in local, followed by calls of a 1vs1 against Scae by the pilot, and the hilarity following that all adds up to something special. Read more details about the event here.


I’m going to give an honourable mention to this Apoc though. Not a hugely expensive kill, but a rather odd choice of hauler, and the Thorax BPO padded the isk value nicely. A good catch. I’m using the battleclinic link to show the proper breakdown between the BPCs and BPOs.

Happy Flying.


Kill of the Week

Lets give this a try!

I’m going to use a Monday to Sunday week, so for this first entry I’m looking at our kills between 15th and 21st July.

A busy week with 25+ kills to choose from.

Until late last night, it was going to be this.  A Cyclone tried to snack upon some innocent drake bait of ours and ended up losing a rather tasty 200+ mill pod along with his ship. Nom nom.


However a late entry snuck in yesterday evening. Not one I was present for but apparently this NApoc pilot gave in to fear when one of our Americans jammed him. Blindly he heaved his 1 bill+ ship into warp not caring where he went so long as it was far away from the evil Chris Moon!

Perhaps with a second or two more care he might have picked a planet instead of a moon with a rather hostile POS anchored. It chewed him up and spat him out and padded our killboard rather nicely – with not a bullet wasted!

Upcoming shortly :  Death of the week!