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Death of the week

Death of the week was almost very tricky.

Originally, the half-welping of this kitchen fleet through a combination of bad luck and miscommuniation opened the week off nicely. Good write ups of what happened (from both sides!) are available. That’s last month though, and it’s August now! A minor blip at the end of a great month.

This Rook seemingly stole the show right at the start of a new month – I don’t have the story but the rest of the week’s kills barely covered costs. Not that it mattered…

Super Scae to the rescue – a spectacular 1.2 billion crash straight into the red. Get the story over there, and the gory details here. Safe to say August won’t be breaking any records for kills vs 0 deaths!


Death of the Week

Well this is rather nice to see. Only 5 to choose from and mostly inconsequential.

Which leaves one rather clear and obvious choice for this week’s winnner!

Congratulations Grim-dog – you knew this was coming. For the story in his own words, have a chuckle as you learn why “Kill rights suck!


Lets keep up the good work fellas!*

Happy Flying.

* Looking at the killboard for the first few hours of this new week, it may already be too late to say this!

Death of the Week

It’s no great secret that we’re not quite PVP Gods just yet. Practice makes perfect and all that. Lets take a look at some of our more entertaining deaths for this week.


Honourable mention goes to Fearless Leader with this spectacular explosion. At the conclusion of the earlier discussed Cyclone kill, the FC made a call for our bomber to get in on the action to finish off the bubbled enemy pods. The bomb was released and our poor Sabre’s MWD just didn’t want to stop cycling.

One dead Glorious Leader. Let the coup d’├ętat begin! *cough*


Second honourable mention – purely to document the event for prosperity – goes to this removal of a seemingly suspicious (definitely annoying) addition to the corp.
Bye bye Ridic.


The award this week though goes to a different death. It’s got 5 on 25 odds. It’s got Leeroy ninja warps. And it’s got meta 2 goodness!

Le’mon did a rather lovely pictorial story of this event that explains it infinitely more eloquently than I can.


Until next time!