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Death of the Week

It’s no great secret that we’re not quite PVP Gods just yet. Practice makes perfect and all that. Lets take a look at some of our more entertaining deaths for this week.


Honourable mention goes to Fearless Leader with this spectacular explosion. At the conclusion of the earlier discussed Cyclone kill, the FC made a call for our bomber to get in on the action to finish off the bubbled enemy pods. The bomb was released and our poor Sabre’s MWD just didn’t want to stop cycling.

One dead Glorious Leader. Let the coup d’état begin! *cough*


Second honourable mention – purely to document the event for prosperity – goes to this removal of a seemingly suspicious (definitely annoying) addition to the corp.
Bye bye Ridic.


The award this week though goes to a different death. It’s got 5 on 25 odds. It’s got Leeroy ninja warps. And it’s got meta 2 goodness!

Le’mon did a rather lovely pictorial story of this event that explains it infinitely more eloquently than I can.


Until next time!


Kill of the Week

Lets give this a try!

I’m going to use a Monday to Sunday week, so for this first entry I’m looking at our kills between 15th and 21st July.

A busy week with 25+ kills to choose from.

Until late last night, it was going to be this.  A Cyclone tried to snack upon some innocent drake bait of ours and ended up losing a rather tasty 200+ mill pod along with his ship. Nom nom.


However a late entry snuck in yesterday evening. Not one I was present for but apparently this NApoc pilot gave in to fear when one of our Americans jammed him. Blindly he heaved his 1 bill+ ship into warp not caring where he went so long as it was far away from the evil Chris Moon!

Perhaps with a second or two more care he might have picked a planet instead of a moon with a rather hostile POS anchored. It chewed him up and spat him out and padded our killboard rather nicely – with not a bullet wasted!

Upcoming shortly :  Death of the week!

Rule, Britannia

Blogging appears to be the new-thing-on-the-block in End of Line, so I might as well jump on the spacewagon.Why the Union Jack banner? No the corp isn’t British (yet!). The two blogs so far for End of Line start with this one from Le’mon of our American timezone, and the second is from Grim in the Aussie time-zone. It seemed appropriate to fly the flag for this part of the world.

We’ve enjoyed some friendly banter and rivalry between the timezones recently – to be fair, mainly the Americans on one side and everyone else on the other. Most of the directorate consist of a core of American friends who have played EvE together for quite some time. And if you can’t mock the directors, who can you mock?!

Lets back up a bit.

If it ain’t obvious (I’m looking at you Le’mon) I’m a Brit, and a little over a month ago I joined this roving band of ‘Merkins in their wormholing exploits. I’ve enjoyed wormhole life before – both in a large corp and alone with just Scae and Ez. I was looking for the middle ground. A smallish corp where I’m not just a cog, but large enough to get things done that are just not realistic with only 3 of us.

Bronies were everywhere, the TS accents were wonderful, and recruitment was thick and fast. It felt like home almost instantly.

The corp has ambitions for a move to a C5 hole. They’d tried it before with just an American time-zone. The 8-9 of them were quickly ousted in a fairly ugly way. This time plans were afoot to have a presence around the clock! I joined with Scae and Ez, and instantly doubled the rather small EU timezone presence. The EU recruiter was AWOL, and the Aussie time-zone all but non-existent. I set about moving into the hole, and then into helping  wherever I could.  More and more people were joining daily, and in only a few days we were far from the ‘new kids on the block’.

It quickly became apparent that – with the sudden growth – it all couldn’t be managed efficiently from the American time-zone alone. The CEO was running himself ragged trying to check apps, design doctrines, earn money for the move, plan the move, sort out bulletins, evemail groups, comms, website etc etc, and a director had already semi-burnt out shortly after I arrived.

The CEO took a trust gamble: Scae and I were entrusted with more and more roles to help manage the recruitment load in our timezone. The gamble has paid off so far  (Mwahahaha…  seriously, we’re not going to steal anything) and the extra man power helped to catch up. A facebook chat-group and some internet spreadsheets later, and we almost look organised!


6 weeks in and things have settled down a bit. We had a brief recruitment freeze to help us catch up with some additional security setup and are now ready to push forward again. It’s quite remarkable how active the recruitment forums and our thread actually is!

In the meantime we have a big PVP push, so I expect plenty of entries to come about those. I’m a big fan of Jestertrek, so I’ll likely steal some of his post style and try a Kill-of-the-week post, maybe Death-of-the-week too. I’ll try to avoid the day-to-day battle report stuff unless it’s particularly interesting or doesn’t involve our other bloggers. They’ll cover it well without me repeating everything – go check out their entries to stay up to date.

Fly safe o7