Blame is just a lazy person’s way of making sense of chaos.
Doug Coupland


If you’ve noticed a distinct slack in new posts arriving recently then woo – I have readers! Ahem. And yes, sorry.

No great excuses for it, as the title suggests I’ve just been slack. I can’t even blame lack of things to talk about because the corp has been up to some quite ridiculous things this month. Everything from our first Capital kills, baiting hulks into duels, and spectacular cloaky hunts, to some bitter victims giving up POS passwords so we could sneak in, steal all-the-shit, and then blow up the unsuspecting enemy CEO doing a site with his own stolen ships!

We’ve batphoned, we’ve been batphoned, the EOL name is reaching out there and making itself heard. Helped with a spiffy new killboard banner I whipped up last night. Not quite as British biased this time!


The influx of newbies is bedding down nicely and merging into the core group such that several times now we’ve had numbers to field logi on our hunts. Baiting and then breaking a lo-sec gate camp was particularly enjoyable. Logging on each day to half a dozen corp mails details various ops both pvp and pve with loot to be shared is wonderful to see. The corp is thriving!

And with such success comes decisions to be made.

The big one at the moment. When to move!

3 months ago, when I first approached this corp the plan was a move to a C5/C5 just as soon as all the timezones could be covered with enough members to stave off boredom and mount a decent defence.

The theft and a large influx of new recruits put a hold on those plans whilst we re-evaluated the position. We realised general pvp skills were rather lacking, as well as more basic corp info like fleet doctrines and fits.

Fast forward a few weeks and things are massively improved in those areas and the question shifted slightly to not just when, but also where! A thirst for PVP has been awoken that may or may not be saited in quite the same way within a C5/C5. Other options emerge. C5/C4, C5/C3, C5/C2?

All come with their good and bad points, and for me so long as wherever we move we don’t move again for a long time so I can feel properly settled, I don’t really mind what is chosen.

However to side with one, my vote goes for C5/C4. This gives us access to the escalation sites we really want to try, and therefore the occassional influx of very good money. It maintains a reasonably close link to K-space entrances by the shortest route Home>C4>C3> Out. But also will drive bigger chains much more often. Home>C4>C5>C4>C5>C6>C5>C4 etc etc Thus giving nice opportunities for hunts. And finally, the quiet C4s will also offer sites that can be done in much smaller groups of 3-4 for the quieter times – and still for good money.

To me it’s a nice combination, but the debate rumbles on and as I said, there’s good and bad points for all.

In the meantime I’m working on cutting out the slack!

Happy Flying o7


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