It is fairly common practice, for serious wormholers, to follow the will of Bob – the one true God of Wormholes.

Concise references containing the teachings or commandments from Bob are rare, so it can be tricky to ensure one is flying on the right path.

For those who feel they are lacking in direction there are many self-styled Prophets amongst wormhole corps who profess to know Bob’s Will in intimate detail. They can often guide you toward appropriate acts to help appease him.

In general terms he’s quite the blood thirsty god – kill other players, actively defend yourself and provide good fights, don’t dwell on losses, and don’t be a carebear.

Being quite into RP, and playing an Amarr whom is well in-tune with yet another one-true-God, Bob presents him with something of a crisis of faith. Evidence of the Amarr God is few and far between but its clergy are powerful and vicious. Meanwhile, demonstrations of Bob’s wrath or benevolence can be seen on an almost daily basis. I feel the longer Targh stays in wormhole space the more his old God will dwindle in his thoughts. A move to a C5, deep within Bob’s realm, is likely to seal the deal.

Until then, Targh continues to try to do right by both Gods. Afterall, Bob is perfectly happy for Minmatar scum to die in glorious fires.

On a personal level, as July draws to a close, I offer up OOC thanks to Bob for a most productive month of PVP, both for me personally, and in general for the Corp. It’s been quite spectacular.

Prayers are offered that August might be as good (or better!).

Happy Flying.

Our Bob, who art in Wormholes.
Famous be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on New Eden as it is in J-space.
Give us this day our daily isk,
and forgive us our war targets,
as we forgive those who gank against us,
and lead us not into negative isk efficiency,
but deliver us from evul.
For thine is the w-space,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.


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