Friday drinking.

An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.
Ernest Hemingway

The weekend draws near, and that can mean only one thing. Friday night drinking!

The drink of kings.

I’m a big fan of drinking games. Ever since my university days and the infamous ‘Ring of fire’ game it has been the source of plenty of amusement and horror. Over the years I’ve turned nearly any activity into a drinking game – from way back when playing ‘drinking Golden Eye’ on the N64, to more recently ‘drinking ARAM’ in League of Legends.

Thinking about the post I wrote last week, I think there could be scope for a pretty good POS bashing game*.

– Module incapacited : 2 drinks
– Jammed : 1 drink
– Porn linked : 1 drink
– Wrecking shot log posted : 1 drink
– General alpha damage log posted : 1 drink
– Someone sings in TS : 1 drink
– Ammo reload : 1 drink (nominated ammo boat should shout out and all laser boats drink too :p)
– Bomber death : 3 drinks
– Tower reinforced : 1 drink for every 5 hours of stront, rounded up to nearest 5.

So who fancies a Friday night tower bash?

Happy Flying.

*… bah I’ve just lost the game.


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