Irritant vs Deterrent

“To sit patiently with a yearning that has not yet been fulfilled, and to trust that, that fulfillment will come, is quite possibly one of the most powerful “magic skills” that human beings are capable of. It has been noted by almost every ancient wisdom tradition.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

And sit patiently we did last night during my first proper POS bash. The fulfilment we awaited for so humanly? A floating orca, the pride in following Bob’s Will, the satisfaction of cleaning WH-space of something dirty… I think we all had our reasons.

Grim was certainly hoping to claim a prize that might obscure some of his own misadventures earlier in the day. Tasiv seemed to take genuine delight in the logistics and enactment of such a structured process. A shiny killmail? A sense of corp duty? Or simply to be a part of the group – a midweek EU TZ, evening social gathering the like of which EOL hasn’t seen in my brief tenure so far – with members from litterally around the globe joining in and taking part.

Once the EWAR was taken care of I was free to ponder my own reasons – occassionally broken from my thoughts by the banter on teamspeak, a particular ‘clapping’ picture cracking me up – if you were there you know which I mean.

Of course, in the grand scheme of EvE Structure grinds I am but the merest of amatuers compared with those great structure grinders in the null-sec blobs. This was only a medium tower too. It did give me opportunity and reason to finally buy both Large Tachyons, (which I’d recently opened up access to Tech II versions of) and an Oracle. Both proved to be very nice – even if the Oracle did remind me of a squashed-in Avatar ‘head’.


So what were my reasons for spending 3.5 precious mid-week evening hours semi-afk firing pewpew beams at a tower of golden space pixels? The PvP equivilent of mining an asteroid!

I could have gone on a roam instead. Played some League of Legends or World of Tanks – instant gratification handed on a plate. The question of pick-up-and-play games was raised recently, discussing with someone about how they had become disillussioned with EvE. There are so many other distractions out there, all designed down to the minute detail to entice us to play – competing with our busy schedules, family commitments and shrinking game time.

I think I joined for a multitude of reasons. Initially because the call went out – corp duty. Some excitement at a potential nice acquisition for the corp. An activity in EvE I hadn’t done before. Flying a ship I had wanted to try out. A relatively calm evening, after a lengthy day at work.

It was also an interesting insight into the effectiveness of POS defences – or maybe lack thereof. Sure this particular POS was very undergunned, but fundamentally everything around the bubble was simply an irritation. When does an irritant become a deterrant? The million isk question. Perhaps I’m being unfair. POS gunnery at least helps force the attackers to gather numbers. Without sufficent numbers the irritation of being perma capped out, or jammed could quickly dampen the motivation of a small group.

If nothing else, when next I set up my POS (probably after the move into the C5) I’ll be putting some serious thought into just what is going to piss people off the most!

Happy Flying


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