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It is fairly common practice, for serious wormholers, to follow the will of Bob – the one true God of Wormholes.

Concise references containing the teachings or commandments from Bob are rare, so it can be tricky to ensure one is flying on the right path.

For those who feel they are lacking in direction there are many self-styled Prophets amongst wormhole corps who profess to know Bob’s Will in intimate detail. They can often guide you toward appropriate acts to help appease him.

In general terms he’s quite the blood thirsty god – kill other players, actively defend yourself and provide good fights, don’t dwell on losses, and don’t be a carebear.

Being quite into RP, and playing an Amarr whom is well in-tune with yet another one-true-God, Bob presents him with something of a crisis of faith. Evidence of the Amarr God is few and far between but its clergy are powerful and vicious. Meanwhile, demonstrations of Bob’s wrath or benevolence can be seen on an almost daily basis. I feel the longer Targh stays in wormhole space the more his old God will dwindle in his thoughts. A move to a C5, deep within Bob’s realm, is likely to seal the deal.

Until then, Targh continues to try to do right by both Gods. Afterall, Bob is perfectly happy for Minmatar scum to die in glorious fires.

On a personal level, as July draws to a close, I offer up OOC thanks to Bob for a most productive month of PVP, both for me personally, and in general for the Corp. It’s been quite spectacular.

Prayers are offered that August might be as good (or better!).

Happy Flying.

Our Bob, who art in Wormholes.
Famous be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
on New Eden as it is in J-space.
Give us this day our daily isk,
and forgive us our war targets,
as we forgive those who gank against us,
and lead us not into negative isk efficiency,
but deliver us from evul.
For thine is the w-space,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.


Friday drinking.

An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.
Ernest Hemingway

The weekend draws near, and that can mean only one thing. Friday night drinking!

The drink of kings.

I’m a big fan of drinking games. Ever since my university days and the infamous ‘Ring of fire’ game it has been the source of plenty of amusement and horror. Over the years I’ve turned nearly any activity into a drinking game – from way back when playing ‘drinking Golden Eye’ on the N64, to more recently ‘drinking ARAM’ in League of Legends.

Thinking about the post I wrote last week, I think there could be scope for a pretty good POS bashing game*.

– Module incapacited : 2 drinks
– Jammed : 1 drink
– Porn linked : 1 drink
– Wrecking shot log posted : 1 drink
– General alpha damage log posted : 1 drink
– Someone sings in TS : 1 drink
– Ammo reload : 1 drink (nominated ammo boat should shout out and all laser boats drink too :p)
– Bomber death : 3 drinks
– Tower reinforced : 1 drink for every 5 hours of stront, rounded up to nearest 5.

So who fancies a Friday night tower bash?

Happy Flying.

*… bah I’ve just lost the game.

Death of the Week

Well this is rather nice to see. Only 5 to choose from and mostly inconsequential.

Which leaves one rather clear and obvious choice for this week’s winnner!

Congratulations Grim-dog – you knew this was coming. For the story in his own words, have a chuckle as you learn why “Kill rights suck!


Lets keep up the good work fellas!*

Happy Flying.

* Looking at the killboard for the first few hours of this new week, it may already be too late to say this!

Kill of the Week

A new Monday dawns and we have last week to reflect back on.

Starting with the kills :

30 to choose from this week, although half of those are POS modules after an impromptu burning.

I think the undisputed winner is this Navy mega. Congrats to the boys for this one. The kill itself is fun enough, but the subsequent bile in local, followed by calls of a 1vs1 against Scae by the pilot, and the hilarity following that all adds up to something special. Read more details about the event here.


I’m going to give an honourable mention to this Apoc though. Not a hugely expensive kill, but a rather odd choice of hauler, and the Thorax BPO padded the isk value nicely. A good catch. I’m using the battleclinic link to show the proper breakdown between the BPCs and BPOs.

Happy Flying.


“If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito.”
– Betty Reese

Not a particularly new EVE term, but one I only came across relatively recently. Certainly a lot more flattering than noob*, newb, newbie or nub. Indeed quite the culture seems to have clung to this term, and a philsophy grown that one needs to seriously look after their Newbros. Stories of 3-day old Goons hero-tackling in their Rifters and dying gloriously melts the hearts of the apparently ‘evul trolls’ and the result is showers of gifts and isk for the ‘adorable newbro’.

And this is very sensible. Newbros are the life blood of any game. Especially for a game that – at the one end – struggles so hard to get people up to speed and – at the other end – has such a well developed ‘Bittervet’ syndrome. EVE desperately needs to entice, enrapture, educate, encourage, motivate and ultimately captivate a constant supply of newbros to keep generating the player-driven dynamic content it exists on.

I personally love introducing people to the game, and fielding their questions during those first few weeks. Their enthusiasm is infectious, their awe; heartwarming. The right newbro, in the right dose can be quite the effective antidote to Bittervetism. I spent a few hours last weekend sat in the Rookie Help chat (on a random trial account) answering questions. A general point of interest was the >4000 people in there. That is a good amount of newbros!

newbro vs bittervet

Despite all the above, I recently made the decision to not recruit (relatively speaking) Newbros in the corp’s EU time-zone. But I believe I made it for the right reasons.

1) We recently recruited quite a few already!
2) We can only realistically train a certain amount at a time.
3) Wormhole space is different. We need to rely more heavily on everyone. Too many Newbros, unsure what they are doing, dilutes the knowledge base and can cause problems!
4) A planned move soon will be a serious logistical challenge, where time for hand-holding will be severely limited.
4) The wrong kind of Newbro can be quite damaging to a corp.

That last one deserves a little more explanation. A newbro with too much entitlement for example can quickly demotivate wouldbe mentors. Rather than looking to learn they just want things handed to them – skill plans, isk donations, what ship to fly, what to do, ‘quick’ tip for getting to X as soon as possible with the least amount of effort. This is particularly obnoxious in wormhole space where self-reliance is a very important commodity. Only a careful interview process can weed these out early.

Once the current newbros are all ‘growed up’, I’ll eagerly reverse this, but for now I’ll leave the Newbro-training to the big boys out in K-space.

Happy Flying.

* Yes, I know a noob is quite a different creature than a newb.

Irritant vs Deterrent

“To sit patiently with a yearning that has not yet been fulfilled, and to trust that, that fulfillment will come, is quite possibly one of the most powerful “magic skills” that human beings are capable of. It has been noted by almost every ancient wisdom tradition.”
Elizabeth Gilbert

And sit patiently we did last night during my first proper POS bash. The fulfilment we awaited for so humanly? A floating orca, the pride in following Bob’s Will, the satisfaction of cleaning WH-space of something dirty… I think we all had our reasons.

Grim was certainly hoping to claim a prize that might obscure some of his own misadventures earlier in the day. Tasiv seemed to take genuine delight in the logistics and enactment of such a structured process. A shiny killmail? A sense of corp duty? Or simply to be a part of the group – a midweek EU TZ, evening social gathering the like of which EOL hasn’t seen in my brief tenure so far – with members from litterally around the globe joining in and taking part.

Once the EWAR was taken care of I was free to ponder my own reasons – occassionally broken from my thoughts by the banter on teamspeak, a particular ‘clapping’ picture cracking me up – if you were there you know which I mean.

Of course, in the grand scheme of EvE Structure grinds I am but the merest of amatuers compared with those great structure grinders in the null-sec blobs. This was only a medium tower too. It did give me opportunity and reason to finally buy both Large Tachyons, (which I’d recently opened up access to Tech II versions of) and an Oracle. Both proved to be very nice – even if the Oracle did remind me of a squashed-in Avatar ‘head’.


So what were my reasons for spending 3.5 precious mid-week evening hours semi-afk firing pewpew beams at a tower of golden space pixels? The PvP equivilent of mining an asteroid!

I could have gone on a roam instead. Played some League of Legends or World of Tanks – instant gratification handed on a plate. The question of pick-up-and-play games was raised recently, discussing with someone about how they had become disillussioned with EvE. There are so many other distractions out there, all designed down to the minute detail to entice us to play – competing with our busy schedules, family commitments and shrinking game time.

I think I joined for a multitude of reasons. Initially because the call went out – corp duty. Some excitement at a potential nice acquisition for the corp. An activity in EvE I hadn’t done before. Flying a ship I had wanted to try out. A relatively calm evening, after a lengthy day at work.

It was also an interesting insight into the effectiveness of POS defences – or maybe lack thereof. Sure this particular POS was very undergunned, but fundamentally everything around the bubble was simply an irritation. When does an irritant become a deterrant? The million isk question. Perhaps I’m being unfair. POS gunnery at least helps force the attackers to gather numbers. Without sufficent numbers the irritation of being perma capped out, or jammed could quickly dampen the motivation of a small group.

If nothing else, when next I set up my POS (probably after the move into the C5) I’ll be putting some serious thought into just what is going to piss people off the most!

Happy Flying

Death of the Week

It’s no great secret that we’re not quite PVP Gods just yet. Practice makes perfect and all that. Lets take a look at some of our more entertaining deaths for this week.


Honourable mention goes to Fearless Leader with this spectacular explosion. At the conclusion of the earlier discussed Cyclone kill, the FC made a call for our bomber to get in on the action to finish off the bubbled enemy pods. The bomb was released and our poor Sabre’s MWD just didn’t want to stop cycling.

One dead Glorious Leader. Let the coup d’état begin! *cough*


Second honourable mention – purely to document the event for prosperity – goes to this removal of a seemingly suspicious (definitely annoying) addition to the corp.
Bye bye Ridic.


The award this week though goes to a different death. It’s got 5 on 25 odds. It’s got Leeroy ninja warps. And it’s got meta 2 goodness!

Le’mon did a rather lovely pictorial story of this event that explains it infinitely more eloquently than I can.


Until next time!

Kill of the Week

Lets give this a try!

I’m going to use a Monday to Sunday week, so for this first entry I’m looking at our kills between 15th and 21st July.

A busy week with 25+ kills to choose from.

Until late last night, it was going to be this.  A Cyclone tried to snack upon some innocent drake bait of ours and ended up losing a rather tasty 200+ mill pod along with his ship. Nom nom.


However a late entry snuck in yesterday evening. Not one I was present for but apparently this NApoc pilot gave in to fear when one of our Americans jammed him. Blindly he heaved his 1 bill+ ship into warp not caring where he went so long as it was far away from the evil Chris Moon!

Perhaps with a second or two more care he might have picked a planet instead of a moon with a rather hostile POS anchored. It chewed him up and spat him out and padded our killboard rather nicely – with not a bullet wasted!

Upcoming shortly :  Death of the week!

Rule, Britannia

Blogging appears to be the new-thing-on-the-block in End of Line, so I might as well jump on the spacewagon.Why the Union Jack banner? No the corp isn’t British (yet!). The two blogs so far for End of Line start with this one from Le’mon of our American timezone, and the second is from Grim in the Aussie time-zone. It seemed appropriate to fly the flag for this part of the world.

We’ve enjoyed some friendly banter and rivalry between the timezones recently – to be fair, mainly the Americans on one side and everyone else on the other. Most of the directorate consist of a core of American friends who have played EvE together for quite some time. And if you can’t mock the directors, who can you mock?!

Lets back up a bit.

If it ain’t obvious (I’m looking at you Le’mon) I’m a Brit, and a little over a month ago I joined this roving band of ‘Merkins in their wormholing exploits. I’ve enjoyed wormhole life before – both in a large corp and alone with just Scae and Ez. I was looking for the middle ground. A smallish corp where I’m not just a cog, but large enough to get things done that are just not realistic with only 3 of us.

Bronies were everywhere, the TS accents were wonderful, and recruitment was thick and fast. It felt like home almost instantly.

The corp has ambitions for a move to a C5 hole. They’d tried it before with just an American time-zone. The 8-9 of them were quickly ousted in a fairly ugly way. This time plans were afoot to have a presence around the clock! I joined with Scae and Ez, and instantly doubled the rather small EU timezone presence. The EU recruiter was AWOL, and the Aussie time-zone all but non-existent. I set about moving into the hole, and then into helping  wherever I could.  More and more people were joining daily, and in only a few days we were far from the ‘new kids on the block’.

It quickly became apparent that – with the sudden growth – it all couldn’t be managed efficiently from the American time-zone alone. The CEO was running himself ragged trying to check apps, design doctrines, earn money for the move, plan the move, sort out bulletins, evemail groups, comms, website etc etc, and a director had already semi-burnt out shortly after I arrived.

The CEO took a trust gamble: Scae and I were entrusted with more and more roles to help manage the recruitment load in our timezone. The gamble has paid off so far  (Mwahahaha…  seriously, we’re not going to steal anything) and the extra man power helped to catch up. A facebook chat-group and some internet spreadsheets later, and we almost look organised!


6 weeks in and things have settled down a bit. We had a brief recruitment freeze to help us catch up with some additional security setup and are now ready to push forward again. It’s quite remarkable how active the recruitment forums and our thread actually is!

In the meantime we have a big PVP push, so I expect plenty of entries to come about those. I’m a big fan of Jestertrek, so I’ll likely steal some of his post style and try a Kill-of-the-week post, maybe Death-of-the-week too. I’ll try to avoid the day-to-day battle report stuff unless it’s particularly interesting or doesn’t involve our other bloggers. They’ll cover it well without me repeating everything – go check out their entries to stay up to date.

Fly safe o7